Summer Mushroom Walk
Workshop led by Bill Petty
Sponsored by Magnolia Chapter, Florida Native Plant Society

When: August 25, 2001

Where: Leon Sinks Geological Area State Park
Leon County, Florida (south of Tallahassee)


  • Introductory talk by Bill Petty on collection and identification techniques.
  • Trail walk - approximately 2-hour walk along the Gum Swamp trail at Leon Sinks Geological Area State Park.
  • Picnic lunch afterwards at the Park rest area.


On the trail...
Getting underway
The first find of the day
Timeout for a closer look
Bill shows how to identify and bag a sample
James at Shadows Swamp marker
Julie makes notes
We regroup at Bear Scratch Swamp
Bill explains how to distinguish fungi species
A small flower of the pea family
A sampling of fungi collected, in situ ...
On the left: Cortinarius sp.; on the right: Amanita vaginata, var. alba
Amanita daucipes (turnip foot)
Pholiota decorata 1
Pholiota decorata 2
Ganoderma curtisii
Trametes pubescens 1
Trametes pubescens 2 (detail)
Stereum sp.
Some closeups from Bill's collection of the day...
Lactarius corrugis
Pulveroboletus ravenelii
Pulveroboletus ravenelii (detail)
Cantherellus cibarius (Chanterelles)
Boletus frostii
two Amanitas
Lactarius piperatus
Amanita daucipes
Amanita daucipes (detail)